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Company statement

Stutterheim / Anderson is a Landscape Architecture practice grounded in two inter-dependent qualities: an awareness that our fundamental responsibility is to the Earth as the dominant force with which we negotiate as designers, and a fine-grained attentiveness to the temporal and spatial, physical and immaterial forces which constitute place. The results are robust and resilient projects tailor-made to specific places. This commitment to the design of places is progressively sharpened through engagement with the teaching and research of design at Universities across Australia and internationally, as well as through regular participation in design competitions, conferences and Public Fora.

Stutterheim / Anderson has substantial experience across a range of project types, including: community centre environments, play spaces and recreational facilities, Urban Design and Master Planning. civic spaces and streetscapes, residential gardens, botanic parks, agrarian landscapes and educational precints. We also undertake projects with a strong engagement with arts and cultural practice, across all scales and programs. These include integrated public art projects within major infrastructure and urban design projects, cultural planning and place making projects, as well as regular participation in public exhibitions. Through our work, we have developed considerable experience working with regional and local government and our landscape design expertise has been frequently recognised through winning or short listing of Australian and International competition entries, and through commissioning of prize-winning work.

Stutterheim/Anderson believes in design as catalyst, and landscape as a generative medium that creates vibrant and living spaces. We offer a fresh, inviting, sophisticated and contemporary approach to the design of civic spaces. We conceive landscape architecture as that which – through its inherent expertise in systems and relational thinking, and inter-scalar and interdisciplinary thinking – enables the successful grounding of the project.

We believe stongly in working within local communities. Whenever possible we source materials and labour locally. We believe that in so doing we help maintain and grow the people for whom we are working. In addition, sourcing materials and labour locally means significant reductions in embodied energy in terms of transport miles, with associated environmental benefits, and cost savings passed on to the client.

Stutterheim/Anderson believes in a genuinely collaborative approach, that to produce the best outcomes, design must be an ongoing conversation between the client, the stakeholders and the designers. We have found that frequently the resolution of complex social and infrastructural issues requires delicate and committed community consultation processes. Landscape must capture the imagination. It is imagination that transports us. Landscape is then the place of possibility, of encounter with the new, a place of growth and vitality.