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St Ambrose Church Institutional 2000 s
National Emergency Services Memorial Public Realm 2004 m
Altona Leisure Centre Institutional 2005 m
Old Cotton Tree Road Residential 2005 m
Great Smith Aussie House Residential 2005 s
St Kilda Foreshore Redevelopment Civic 2005 l
National Police Memorial Public Realm 2005
Logan Reserve Public Realm 2006 m
Italian Pleasure Garden 01 Residential 2006 s
Karingal Community Hub Public Realm 2006 m
Guang Zou West Tower Publication 2006 l
Italian Pleasure Garden 02 Residential 2006 s
The Nine Pavillions of Tianjin Public Realm 2006 l
Dandenong Community Memorial Park Public Realm 2006 m
Central Dandenong Gateways Strategy Civic 2006 l
Words for Water Public Realm 2007 s
Barry St. Residential 2007 s
Australian Peacekeeping Memorial Civic 2007 l
Bach Lane / Cloud 9 Residential 2008 s
George Pentland Botanic Gardens Public Realm 2008 m
Yarra River Cottage Residential 2008 s
Playne Street Civic 2008 l
Lal Lal / Trunk House Residential 2009 m
Churchill Intergenerational Hub Educational 2009 m
Moe Early Learning Centre Educational 2009 m
Mapleson Centre Playground Educational 2009 m
Patterson Lakes Community Centre Institutional 2009 m
Wyndham Rehabilitation Centre Institutional 2009 m
Melbourne University Institutional 2009 s
Chirnside Green Spine Public Realm 2009 l
Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial Civic 2009 s
2030 Sea Change Research 2010 l
Our Lady Help of Christians Institutional 2010 s
Frankston Memorial Park Public Realm 2010 m
Sunshine Secondary College Educational 2010 m
Carrum Woods Reserve Public Realm 2010 m
Corriedale Crescent Residential 2011 m
Welshpool Rd Residential 2011
Uambi Residential 2011 l
Brighton Secondary College Educational 2012 m
RIPL Accessible Housing Collegium 01 Residential 2013 m
RIPL Accessible Housing Collegium 02 Residential 2013 m
Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School Educational 2013 m
Settlers Square and Halpin Way Public Realm 2013 l
A House for Hermes 03 Residential 2013 m

Old Cotton Tree Road

Rural Residential Retreat

ClientPrivate Client
ScopeConcept design, design development, construction documentation
LocationMornington Peninsular
TeamStutterheim / Anderson Landscape Architecture with Kerstin Thompson Architects

Kerstin Thompson’s brief was to screen the new square-plan house from the neighbour’s view. However, additional possible functions immediately came to mind, to: protect unwitting visitors from the herd of cattle, create an internal garden which would stave off the sea wind; empower the house plan by extension.

The gaps in the hedge extended the internal ‘verandahs’ that fitted within the square of the plan of the upper level. Formally, this outcome was exploring a rectangular version of a circular geometry that we had previously played with: the perfection of the square plan in tension with the irregular elevation ‘landing’ of the rolling Mornington Peninsular topography.

The sculptural quality of the hedge registers the slope and establishes a palette of form that begins to balance the built residence. This soothed the disappointment felt when another wilder version, using only indigenous plants, was rejected by the client.

Sketch Design drawings

Sketch Design drawings