2012 International Architecture Award, for Lal Lal (Trunk House)

With Paul Morgan Architects, lead consultant

Lal Lal (Trunk House) has been awarded the 2012 International Architecture Award, by The Chicago Atheneum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

Trunk House is a residential project in Victoria’s Central Highlands. The brief was to provide a small house within a forest of extant Stringybark woodland. Working in a close collaboration - architects, landscape architects, engineer and artist, all made great efforts to touch the ground lightly to ensure the minimum disturbance to the environment.

This project achieves a very low carbon footprint and is dense with ideas drawn from a lineage of local architectural and landscape experimentation. It’s about how house and landscape can act as a type of architectural ‘locavore’, earning its sustenance – its structure and reason for being – from the materials and forms of its immediate surroundings. The project innovates with structural and landscape architectural method, carefully integrating architectural project with its particular ecological niche. Requiring the identification and evaluation of every tree to satisfy the anxieties of both Council, fire department and DSE, SAALA picked out the blueberry, pruned the trees of their https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/prix-viagra-pharmacie/ dead wood, broadcast the chippings to feed the soil, and ensured adequate water collection off the roof, and reused all spoil to build up the architectural floor plane.

Lal Lal (Trunk House) was also shortlisted for the 2012 Victorian Architecture Awards. The project has received many reviews including in Australian Design Review (Philip Goad, Trunk House, 8 March 2012).and been represented in many exhibitions, including: Palazzo Bembo, 13th Venice Architecture Biennale (2012) and at the Istanbul Design Biennial (2012).

Lal Lal / trunk House: detail

Lal Lal / trunk House: detail