2012 Victorian Architecture Awards, Residential Alterations and Additions. Shortlisted. Bach Lane (Cloud 9)

With Andrew Simpson Architects

Bach Lane (Cloud 9) has been shortlisted for the 2012 Victorian Architecture Awards, in the Residential Alterations and Additions category.

Bach Lane (Cloud 9) is a residential factory conversion project for which SAALA worked in collaboration with ASA to successfully integrate the ground plane with the architectural program to create a fluid continuity between outside and inside and thus maximise the potential of a very small and tight outdoor space. The landscape consequently afforded the project an elegant spatial and formal coherence, as well as providing a generative template for the design of interior spatial organisation and formal expression in cabinetry.

The conversion of the building to a single family residence balanced the heritage value of the existing building with the desire of the client for a high tech environmentally sustainable house that reflected their needs as a tight-knit family. Within a dense urban setting, the project successfully provides a sense of the natural environment and the seasons with views to the sky from the interior.

As well as its shortlisting for this award, Bach Lane (Cloud Nine) has received many reviews including: Monument, Issue 107, p.64-71. 2012; IW_Interior World, Volume 103, p.100-107, 2012; House Design 1, A&C Publishing, p.132-137, 2012; Mark Magazine, Issue 38, p. 52-53 (Amsterdam), 2012.

Bach Lane (Cloud 9): detail

Bach Lane (Cloud 9): detail