Charles Anderson @ Gallery Factory, Seoul

Neighbouring Effect: X-Field Seoul

Charles Anderson participates in Neighbouring Effect at Gallery Factory Seoul. As well as exhibiting previous design and public art projects completed in recent years, Charles makes the next iteration of his ongoing House for Hermes project for installation as part of the X-Field componant of this exhibition. As he writes of this work:

It is extremely exciting to observe the current dynamics existing among neighbourhoods and communities based on IT, and using social network services such as personal blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and smart phones. This exhibition focuses on the concept of neighbour and neighbourhood which has deviated from its traditional close location-based meaning.

The new neighbors are quite different from traditional communities. They do not pursue a commune of security based on the common identity. Instead, they tend to gather around a common value yet also have borderless dynamic networks. Here, a neighborhood would not have a spatial, physical sense but refers to an open platform where communication is alive. This type of neighborhood is made of multi-level accumulations of random and numerous encounters, chatting and exchange of trivial information. It is naturally formed and the diverse conflicts among members create a social product; through this, the neighborhood gains continuous living energy or repeats the process of extinction.

The vision of this exhibition is of the new possibility of liveliness, intrinsic in such a process and on the influence that the live energy would create by interacting with the city. The exhibition invites open platforms that are composed of individuals of various fields, and which reflect their growing relationships and the various ‘shapes’ made by the interactions between different members – between neighbours.

A House for Hermes #06 engages with this notion of Neighbouring Effect to intimate a kind of un-homed geography and to intuit a house/home which spatialises a revitalised dynamic of habitation.

Charles Anderson, A House for Hermes 06 (detail)

Charles Anderson, A House for Hermes 06 (detail)