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Frankstonstein Teaching 2004
The Eloquent Forest Teaching 2006
La Machina di Natura Teaching 2007
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Ephemeral Architectures: Towards a Process Architecture Research 2009
50/5,000 Teaching 2009
Geometries of Encounter Teaching 2010
Water Stories Teaching 2010
≤ 196 Parks - A SAALA practice-based studio Teaching 2010
No Ideas but in Things Teaching 2010
Seymour Lighthorse Park Teaching 2010
Re Visioning Frankston's Local Parks Research 2010
Generative Procedures Teaching 2010
Punto in Aria Teaching 2011
Stair as Event Teaching 2011
LARA 3212 Teaching 2011
Do The Wild Thang Teaching 2011
Urban Void Teaching 2012
Fundamental Forces Teaching 2012
Maribor 2112Ai: City in Extremis Teaching 2012
LAcities: City works through time Teaching 2012
Edge Dynamics Teaching 2013
Field Dynamics Teaching 2013

Geometries of Encounter

Upper pool design studio Programme of Landscape Architecture RMIT University

Central Dandenong is currently the site of the largest urban redevelopment project in Australia. The redesign of Lonsdale Street, the main artery or transit corridor of Dandenong, is now under construction, while to its immediate west whole city blocks are being demolished with swathes being cut through the local commercial district, including Little India.

Vic Urban, the development authority together with the City of Greater Dandenong has big plans for Dandenong, envisioning this site as a new residential, commercial and business hub. At the heart of this revitalisation project is a new street and plaza. This new urban configuration is expected to: articulate and activate the new development, provide necessary open space, serve as gateway, destination and connective tissue between Dandenong station and the city centre, ...and more!

One challenging and demanding expectation of the brief for this project is that it must ‘work’ as a finished street and public space from day one while also being capable of accommodating and responding to, and to a certain extent stimulating, its changing urban context for possibly at least the next 20 to 30 years. Indeed, the full extent of the overall development has been cleared but there is at present only one development committed and under construction; all the rest remains speculative and yet to find financial commitment. Consequently this means that the new street and plaza will have to be complete yet emergent, and simultaneously transformational and transformative.

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