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Frankstonstein Teaching 2004
The Eloquent Forest Teaching 2006
La Machina di Natura Teaching 2007
Ventnor Beach Road Teaching 2008
Ephemeral Architectures: Towards a Process Architecture Research 2009
50/5,000 Teaching 2009
Geometries of Encounter Teaching 2010
Water Stories Teaching 2010
≤ 196 Parks - A SAALA practice-based studio Teaching 2010
No Ideas but in Things Teaching 2010
Seymour Lighthorse Park Teaching 2010
Re Visioning Frankston's Local Parks Research 2010
Generative Procedures Teaching 2010
Punto in Aria Teaching 2011
Stair as Event Teaching 2011
LARA 3212 Teaching 2011
Do The Wild Thang Teaching 2011
Urban Void Teaching 2012
Fundamental Forces Teaching 2012
Maribor 2112Ai: City in Extremis Teaching 2012
LAcities: City works through time Teaching 2012
Edge Dynamics Teaching 2013
Field Dynamics Teaching 2013

LARA 3212


Lara is a township of approximately 8,000 people on the outskirts of Geelong. Most people would only recognize the name as a minor turn-off from the Princess Highway on the drive between Melbourne and Geelong.

Due to its proximity to both Melbourne and Geelong, Lara is subject to many significant pressures, including: 1. the need to revitalize the township, 2. the demand to expand its residential holdings, and 3. the desire to maintain its ‘essential’ semi-rural lifestyle. LARA 3212 Studio focuses on what is specific to ‘semi-rural’ towns close to major urban centers and explores how these places can maintain their specific qualities in the face of the many competing pressures confronting them.

Beginning with a sequence of master plan propositions, students will investigate a variety of modes of urban design and their related outcomes and progress to generate Landscape Architectural design projects for Lara which respond to and draw upon these experiences and understandings.

This practice based studio places specific attention on how we can design places which are distant and/or unfamiliar to us. The practice of Landscape Architecture often involves designing for/with just these kinds of communities, sites and programs Surprisingly and somewhat frustratingly, these projects often have little budgetary scope or indeed time set aside for meaningful site visits.

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